Apple and the weird iOS 8.0.1 update

Apple, on Wednesday took a quick update firmware problem 8, after a protest about the problems with the new version.

IOS 8.0.1 update is designed to fix the problems that have plagued the mobile operating system software from Apple, which came last week. However, many users have reported problems immediately after downloading the update, not including their iPhones no longer connected to the network, with the message “no service.” iPhone users also reported problems with touch-ID after the upgrade, with some noted that the function – which allows people to unlock their phones using their fingerprints – no longer worked.

Only about an hour after release, Apple software update is finished. It is unclear what the company plans to do for people who have already downloaded the IOS 8.0.1, but CNET has a nice guide on how to do it here in restoring iPhones after upgrading. Apple, simply acknowledged the problem and said it is looking at the problem.

“We are actively investigating these reports and provide information as quickly as we can,” said the first Apple, in a statement. “Meanwhile, we have removed the update IOS 8.0.1.”

Apple, later reported that he was working at the address:

“We have a solution for the IPhone 6 and iPhone users 6 Plus, who lost cellular and functional touch ID today after upgrading to firmware 8.0.1 affected users can reinstall IOS 8 via Itunes, for more information, please visit HTTP: .. // com / kb / HT6487 apologies for the inconvenience experienced by users, and we are working day and night to prepare the IOS 8.0.2 with fix for the issue, and will release as soon as it will be ready in the coming days. ”

Apple, IOS has released eight days ago, the latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhone and IPad users. With firmware 8 Apple introduced a long list of features that many fans wanted for years. Most importantly, the new software tackle long-standing problems with iOS notification system ‘, their tie-ins with the software Apple OS X desktop and device software and file management and ICloud Communications native client SMS. Scope of Apple, in the space of health and home automation, too, with a set of new applications “Kit” and development tools expands.

But it did not take long for some users IOS, to start reporting problems. Conversations in the support forums Apple, and other online sources pointed out flaws in Wi-Fi, a common problem battery power and reduce the performance in Safari, among other problems.

One of the goals for iOS 8.0.1 was to fix a bug that prevented developers run applications HealthKit app store and more bug that prevented users to upload photos and videos from the Safari. The update also is designed to improve the reliability feature of “accessibility” on the new mobile and iPhone 6 6 Plus. Availability facilitates users to manage a large phone with one hand.

In addition, the update fixes problems with third-party keyboards, third-party applications access to your photo library, and not the melody is recovering from a service ICloud. IOS 8.0.1 And also set out to solve a problem that can lead to unexpected use cellular data when the device Apple, received text messages and provide better support for the “Ask to Buy” to share with your family for in-app purchases.

In the past year, Apple has released IOS 7.0.1 just a few days after the IOS 7 was launched to solve technical problems with the imprint of iPhone 5S. Less than a week after, IOS 7.0.2 to patch went wrong with the lock screen.

IOS 8 is compatible with any IPhone 4S or later, this is the fifth generation Ipod Touch, IPad or any release of the second generation. Some features are specific to mobile 6 and 6 Plus, which went on sale last Friday, including the payment of Apple. Mobile payment service that works with the NFC chip in the new cell, through the launch Pack 8 for iPhone IOS 6 and 6 Plus in October.

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